Relentless Pursuit of Commitment

I’ve been receiving a lot of requests in regards to commitment. Today lets focus on being relentless. The definition of relentless:

Refuse to let anyone deter you from doing what you feel in your heart that you must do to get closer to God.  Everyday make a conscious effort to include spending time whether reading the Word, whether praying, or having a conversation with Him. Know that this is essential.

Commitment is Your Responsibility: What are you going to do about it?

We can find excuses for just about anything if we try.  Everyday we see that life is about choices and how do we respond and or react to everyday challenges. Just about any problem you face will be linked to commitment. There is one thing that can’t escape anyone and that is You are responsible for your commitment.

As a Pastor the one thing that I cannot control is your commitment.  Do not allow yourselves to be overwhelmed with the struggles of life, know that God is committed to you and His desire is for you to be committed to HIM. There is comfort in knowing that He is with you everywhere you go and it is about time that you commit your ways to him.

Our Need For Direction

How many people have ignored the truth at one time or another? I could put two hands up!

Our need for direction is instinctual because something/someone is after you! Everything is going wrong, but some how you saw the shadow of death and God woke you up and snatched you out. Again, I can say yeah that has been me too. I then had to realize that what i was doing wasn’t working yes, I too needed direction.


You could be the person who says, “I have ignored all the signs and now I need more. ” It only takes one step to get on track while in pursuit of direction you will then face some tough questions, and even tougher challenges. You will also have to face something called deliverance and it is at that point you might get uncomfortable because you will have to adapt to a new normal. I say that because at some point your disfunction became normal to you. Don’t get scared remember that change isn’t easy, your pursuit of direction doesn’t never really stops it can best be reflected in stages of growth.

Keep Going, Keep growing! He wants you to take you to your next level.


My Thoughts After A Day Of Funerals: The End, Can Be The Beginning

As I sit here and recall my day today. I was blessed to be able to Eulogize a long time member of Mount Zion Baptist Church. As I  brought my sermon to a close the word relationship came to mind.  I know that we hear it all of the time that we are just passing through, but the question is what are we doing with the time that we have. What happens in between the point of entry and that point of exit.

I had a moment when I thought about those families who had to lay loved ones to rest all varying in ages.

Today analyze and evaluate YOUR relationship with Christ.

Living in Love, Walking By Faith Everyday