Go Big!

We are rounding into the third session of our readings and we closed out chapter 2 by saying that we would retitle this week as ” Go Big!”

God really intends for you to Go Big, and stretch beyond what you can see, and or even imagine, all that could be begins with your prayer life. Our intellect often wants to bargain with God, if you do this, then I’ll do that, if you come through this time, I’ll do this. It is in this space that we can begin to see that doubt is really hidden in the corners of our minds. I mean the audacity of us to think that we can really ration with God when He desires a real relationship, and prayer life to go along with it. One of the keys to effective prayer is knowing who you are praying to, I get so excited praying to my Father. There is nothing too big for my God, you can’t convince me otherwise. He has done it for me time and time again, I am taking this time now and my expectancy is so high that I’m waiting on him to come through with that REPEAT PERFORMANCE! This week refine your prayers make sure that you aren’t rattling words of worry, and anxiety, pray those prayers commanding and expecting.

Let’s not forget we had a remarkable testimony during the last session, we are expecting God to perform great things in our lives as we begin to refocus on prayer.

Link to Chapter 3 Reading: https://pastordesmond.com/chapter%203%20The%20Jerico%20Miracle_compressed.pdf

ACTIVITY 2: Goal WORKSHEET- Complete in your prayer journal :


ACTIVITY 3: Chapter Questions


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We are moving on to chapter 3 if you have a moment take a listen to the podcast review. Remember the book guides our conversations in our sessions if you don’t get to finish the read use the resources, join in our activities and write down what stands out to you and be willing to share. You don’t have to share and if you do you don’t have to yell your name. It’s about support and growth. Here is the audio link to the review: https://soundcloud.com/wallacedigital/circling-what-is-your-jerico-chapter-3?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing&fbclid=IwAR3N31XDplhQsimHATj3vnc4d_QjPVL1quR9R1i22wG6ocmng-rsTgqVu_U

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