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Letters and Scriptures for Incarcerated Loved ones

I recently received a request to send scriptures to a loved one that is incarcerated. I have taken some time out and decided that I would submit scriptures and some encouraging words. If you would like this emailed to you for your loved one and or friend submit to me their first name and last name as well as your email address because this is where I will send you the letter.

Christian Development: Walking, Learning, and Overcoming

Light or enlightened, is what Gods Word is for all of us who were, indeed in darkness. Before being born again and submitting to God, every one of us have been in dark places as well as in the dark. My darkness may have been different from your darkness, but we have all been in a place to whereas we were blind with no hope. However thanks be to God for the light and allowing the opportunity to experience and be filled with His light, through Jesus Christ.

Christian development is essential to everyday life. God’s Word says, Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman not needing to be ashamed, but rightly dividing the Word of truth, (II Tim 2:15, KJV). Studying God’s Word, is not only a process in order to complete a program successfully, but studying His Word strengthens and prepares one for the challenges of everyday life. Christian development is personal yet it encompasses everyone. Light is not only light when it is around darkness but light should be recognized no matter what crowd, because light should recognize other light.

Staying connected to the light, which is Jesus, is a daily process, and should be of great necessity to the believer. God’s Word is what I need in order to have direction in a world and life that can be full of dark valleys. However, thanks be to God that the Word covers me in every area of life because His (Jesus’) life and the light which, directs me into the paths of righteousness.