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Letters and Scriptures for Incarcerated Loved ones

I recently received a request to send scriptures to a loved one that is incarcerated. I have taken some time out and decided that I would submit scriptures and some encouraging words. If you would like this emailed to you for your loved one and or friend submit to me their first name and last name as well as your email address because this is where I will send you the letter.

Ideal Conditions

4 He who watches the wind [waiting for all conditions to be perfect] will not sow [seed], and he who looks at the clouds will not reap [a harvest].  Ecclesiastes 11:4 (AMP)

On my way home the other day I had a moment in which I decided not to focus on what I could be doing or the time that I wasted. I began to just praise God and listen to my worship music I mean I was singing so loud, but as I began and continued to sing I noticed the rain was getting harder and harder. When I felt a little uneasy I decided to put my radio down a little bit lower you see what most people don’t know my little Speedster is like a moving computer, like most cars today. I began to think about all the tools that I had on my car and how those tools were going to be useful in this type of weather. I lowered my music so that I could hear my lane assist beep.

The rain was coming down so hard I could hardly see the white lines but I knew that if I could hear the beep, my car would pretty much guide itself.  I decided  to change lanes, surprisingly I felt a little bit more comfortable  because I knew that I had cameras and that they would let me know if the coast was clear to change lanes. One thing that they don’t tell you is that those cameras really do their best work in ideal conditions i.e. sunshine. When it rains and your car is moving really, you get the moving raindrops over the camera lens and you can’t see quite so clear. This  doesn’t mean that the technology had failed but that the technology is really useful in ideal conditions.

I started thinking about ideal conditions so as I’m on my way home I started to look at the speed limit and the speed limit that was posted happened to be 60 mph during ideal conditions.  Instead of going 60mph,  I realized that I was going 40mph on the interstate because the rain was coming down so fiercely. Just like that I began to feel as though I should be going a little bit faster so I began to increase my speed both hands on the steering wheel and one foot on the gas; praying to God that I could just make it home in one piece.  A split second later I began to feel my car kind of swerve and I slowly got it ! While with two hands on the wheel and what seemed like control of my vehicle I realized that although 45 mph and 50 mph  seemed a little bit faster those speeds were not ideal for that condition nor ideal for my car. I looked to my left and a truck zoomed past me and easily distracted my focus not that it detoured me but I thought about how if I had confidence to do what they were doing in terms of accelerating, but here’s the thing my ideal condition and my ideal speed was ideal for me at that given moment, the blessing is that I made it home without an incident or accident.

Remember this, Ideal is nowhere near perfect it lends to functionality. Yesterday, if I would have just parked on the side of the road looking up at the sky, I would have come to the conclusion that the sun wasn’t going to breakthrough those clouds. If I would have stayed on the side of the road I wouldn’t have made it home to my warm bed.  Remember my thoughts about wasted time if I would have been looking up to the sky for Sunshine I would have been there until maybe the next afternoon.


Your challenge is to learn how to function on a level that’s ideal for your condition.

-Lady Mel