Just Pump!

In the mist of your purpose walk God still is priming you.  This morning I’m encouraged because as you get primed some things get easier. Have you ever had to put oil on your bicycle chain? It’s something about when that chain is oiled it’s easier to ride. It almost feels like a new bike-  that process used to make me want to ride my bike. The zeal increased because of my need for speed, my need for wanting to get to my next destination. This kind of feeling reminds me of how it is when we get saved, full of zeal and there is no mountain high enough that will stop us from wanting to please God and save everybody.

On memory lane: back to this well oiled bicycle that I was riding fast because you all know that’s how it used to be. You know what, when I approached an incline something happened intuitively? I just stood up and I didn’t even have to think about it. God is priming you, oiling your chain and although you may face your incline, your trial, or your challenge. God just is expecting you to do what you know how to do stand up and keep pumping: in righteousness, stand up in faith because you have been primed for this!

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