God Is More Than Enough

Week 1: 2/7/2023

We are launching our new sessions that will be guided by our reading of God is more than Enough by Tony Evans.

This is the link to our first reading from page 7 thru page 16: https://pastordesmond.com/morethanenough/God%20is%20more%20than%20enoughpg7-16.pdf

This is the link to our Study Questions: https://pastordesmond.com/morethanenough/Questions%20God%20Is%20More%20Than%20Enough.pdf

If you haven’t joined the Facebook Group (it’s private give us time to approve) please do so this is where I post immediate schedule changes and resources. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/145879959364130/

Zoom Link:

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