Don’t Let This Happen To You!

A snake never lingers in a well kept lawn. It lingers in search of food and or refuge.


Often times we despise the snake because of its characteristics, but yet we will find time to entertain and permit inhabitation when the characteristics of deceit are there and ever-present. It’s very simple if I want to move forward I need to clean up my own yard; and clear up those bushes and eliminate those dark corners , and I need to rid myself of negative people and thoughts. You see people in their fleshly or carnal mind will come to you in search of mess and or negativity they will eat your food, sit at your table, tell you how wonderful you are, while watching your tv and sucking up that good air condition all in all lingering and planning your demise or sowing seeds of discord.

The question is who am I entertaining? Ask your neighbor why do you find rest in my home? What have I fed you lately?

Don’t get bit!

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