It ain’t over ’till It’s Over 

It ain’t over till it’s over!

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. Psalms 126:5

I can  vividly remember being in a pool.  I had ventured off into the deep and before I knew it I went under fighting with all that I had.  Something led me to know that if I didn’t get a hold of myself I was going to drown. There wasn’t a lifeguard in sight.  I went under again and somehow my mind went into survival mode and well, apparently I made it !  Thank God, I had some fight left in me to want to live, thank God he had work for me to do.

How many times in life have we been drowning in our issues? …in our bills with no apparent help in sight but some kind of way you can look back and say that I made it!

Keep fighting it ain’t over!

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