Because of God’s tender mercy, the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us, –Luke 1:78

I’m reminded of a morning after dealing with a fun filled night of tough parenting about responsibility. I went to my closet to pull out my church t-shirt and it wasn’t there! My children, well two of them are the size of adults and they both had their t-shirts on. My thought was that, one of y’all have my shirt and then I verbalized it; my son quickly reminded me that we’ve been through this on yesterday and that what was associated with, was in the past and that today was a new day!

Oh the joy in knowing that I have been blessed with an opportunity of the day.  The opportunity is granted through God’s tender mercy and grace.

This opportunity can be met with either me being happy or sad and the truth is: that it’s up to me. The newness of the day lends to great possibilities but a decision has to be made. Today social media has made the term “petty” popular, but petty often times hinders progression. 

Bask in the newness of the Day!

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