A Prayer for This School Year!

Heavenly Father,

Touch the hearts and minds of every teacher,administrator, support worker and substitute. God we ask that you continue to work in their lives as they sow seeds into our children. Lord you know each everyone of them, our prayer is that you meet them where they are. Every storm we ask that you calm so that they can function in a level that is pleasing to you. 

Dear God open the  minds of the students, bring things to their memory as they perform tasks.  Distribute the emotions of teachers and students so that they know how to respond regardless of what is taking place. Bridle tongues this year, dear God as you know that they are powerful tools.

Lord lead us to respond in love and with listening ear. Touch our parents with a measure of inquisitiveness, compassion, and concern. Connect our family units and our communities, lead us in putting our children first. Give us a measure of strength that when its tough we stand strong. 

In Jesus Name Amen

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